Campus Partners had engaged an impressive group of stakeholders and partners to work together to execute a variety of strategic projects throughout the University. These partnerships are a critical element of success for Campus Partners and for the neighborhoods.

The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is a key partner in the work of Campus Partners.  The support of the University allows Campus Partners to do the important work throughout the University District.



Weinland Park Collaborative 

Weinland Park CollaborativeIn the summer of 2010, based on the work Campus Partners began in 2000 in Weinland Park, the Weinland Park Collaborative was established to formalize the relationship between the funding partners, programing non-profits, agencies and companies.  Campus partners along with 25 other social service agencies, educators, philanthropic organizations and private developers working in the Weinland Park neighborhood make the group.  The collaborative allows all of the partners to combine efforts and reduce redundancies.  

In the Spring of 2011 the Collaborative, recognizing the complexity of neighborhood revitalization, established specific task forces to address the seven critical areas the partners were working in; education, employment and workforce development, youth development, public safety, health, resident engagement, and housing and land use.

This year the Weinland Park Collaborative produced a progress report that details its work in the neighborhood since 2010. 

Click here to view the 2013 Weinland Park Collaborative Progress Report

Click here for a printable version 

City of Columbus

Street sweepersWorking in the core student neighborhoods next to The Ohio State University presents unique issues in municipal service delivery, public safety and code enforcement. Campus Partners provided the leaderships and worked with the City to improve these services including trash and bulk refuse pick-up, street sweeping, and repaving. Campus Partners also worked with the commercial businesses along High Street to ensure that dumpsters were emptied prior to OSU football game days to increase safety and reduce the instances of fires being set postgame. Campus Partners’ leadership in forming committees, of neighborhood stakeholders, to address issues of safety and municipal services improved the district and the quality of life for the residents.

University District 


Old North

Campus Partners works closely with the University District Organization to make improvements throughout the area. The University District Special Improvement Distrcit (UDSID) was established to improve the business environment and patron experience of the University District and has been making outstanding progress. Visit the University District's website to read more about all the work they're doing at