Weinland Park Collaborative selected to receive a grant from the Annie E Casey Foundation!

The Weinland Park Collaborative learned this week that the Annie E. Casey Foundation has selected us as one of three neighborhood revitalization projects in the nation to receive Casey’s Family-Centered Community Change Investment Strategy (FCCC).  The members of the Collaborative, including Campus Partners, are thrilled with the opportunity that an investment and partnership of this magnitude will bring to the Weinland Park neighborhood.  

This grant will improve the well-being of children and their families through both community and family-focused innovations.  The two-generation strategy will impact more than 600 families with young children.  Dozens of residents in who live in the Weinland Park neighborhood, or have children enrolled in at Weinland Park Elementary, will be engaged to develop structures, identify performance measures, cohorts and geographic boundaries, inventory “best practices”, develop model literacy interventions and an enhanced workforce development program.  The invesment includes a readiness phase which will be funded up to $150,000 annually followed by implementation of the initiatives with funding provided by The Annie E. Casey Foundation in the amount of $750,000- $1 million per year for a 5-7 year time period.

For more information on this incredible new partnership in the Weinland Park neighborhood check out the announcement from the Annie E Casey Foundation.