Neighborhood Organizations

For a more complete list of organizations, churches, agencies, institutions and businesses in the University District, visit the University District Organization's website.

University District Organization 

UDO is a civic organization in the community that includes both a Neighborhood Council as well as the Business Council (formally UCBA).  These councils work with UDO to improve the quality of the University District for residents, students and businesses.  UDO currently is governed by a nine-member board, including representatives from the University Community Association, University Area Commission, University Community Business Association, Campus Partners and Ohio State. James Ragland is the Executive Director for UDO located in room 200, Northwood-High Building, 2231 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43201; (614) 294-5113.  The website for information about the University District is

University Community Association

University Community AssociationThe University Community Association (UCA) dates back to at least 1961 when residents formed this membership-based civic association to promote the interests of homeowners and other permanent residents of the area. In addition to UCA's interest in public policy issues affecting the area, UCA in recent years has encouraged civic spirit through social activities such as an annual ice cream social and a pancake breakfast.

University Area Commission

University Area CommissionColumbus City Council in 1972 created the University Area Commission (UAC) as the official advisory body to city government. As described in city code, the commission’s boundaries are defined as; Fifth Avenue on the south, Glen Echo Ravine (just north of Arcadia Avenue) on the north, the Conrail tracks on the east and the Olentangy River on the west. UAC is composed of 17 representatives from the neighborhoods and several representatives from specific constituencies, such as the university and owners of rental property. The president of the UAC is Seth Golding. The commission meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in room 100 of the Northwood-High Building, 2231 N. High Street; (614) 441-8174.

Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Weinland Park Community Civic AssociationThe Weinland Park Community Civic Association was founded in 2003 as an advocate for the residents of the Weinland Park neighborhood south of Chittenden Avenue and east of High Street. The civic association took a leadership role in the development of the city’s Weinland Park Neighborhood Plan. The association normally meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Schoenbaum Family Center, 175 E. Seventh Ave. Joyce Hughes is the president of the association.

Glen Echo Neighbors Association

The Glen Echo Neighbors Assocation is an organization for the residents of the Glen Echo neighborhood which is located between Hudson Ave to the south, Glen Echo ravine to the north, Indianola Ave to the west and the railroad tracks to the east. 

Godman Guild Association

Godman Guild AssociationThe largest social service agency which focuses on the University District is Godman Guild Association, a settlement house founded on the north side of Columbus in 1898. Godman Guild, which is named for an early benefactor, Henry C. Godman, moved its operations in the late 1990s to the renovated Sixth Avenue School building at 303 East Sixth Avenue in the Weinland Park neighborhood of the University District. The phone number is (614) 294-5476. Godman Guild provides a variety of services to children, youth and families, including Head Start, GED and computer classes, job readiness and job training, and recreation and summer camp programs.

University Area Enrichment Association

University Area Enrichment AssociationCatherine Girves and neighbors formed the University Area Enrichment Association (UAEA) a few years ago to provide more opportunities to residents to become involved in issues such as litter, graffiti prevention and removal, public safety and programming for children and youth. UAEA also has been effectively in working with student organizations at Ohio State to promote community service and service-learning in the University District. Ms. Girves is executive director of the UAEA located at 82 E. 16th Ave., Columbus, OH 43201; (614) 371-8232 and

Neighborhood Services, Inc

Neighborhood Services, Inc. (NSI), is the food pantry which serves the University District. Founded and supported by the churches in the University District in the mid-1960s, NSI is located at 1950 North Fourth Street, Columbus, OH 43201. The phone number is (614) 297-0592.

Olde North Columbus

Tom Wildman and Lydia Pantages are the co-founders of the Olde North Columbus Preservation Society and the Findley Avenue block watch organization. They hold "town meetings" for the neighborhood north of Lane Avenue a couple of times each year.